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The Top 8 Ways for Men to Wear Baggy Jeans: Recognise Your Style

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In 2024, men’s fashion saw a notable resurgence of baggy jeans, which combine comfort, adaptability, and vintage appeal. Men can design chic looks that showcase their unique style and modern taste by taking cues from the legendary 90s baggy denim ensembles. We’ll look at eight stylish ways to wear baggy jeans for men in 2024 in this in-depth guide, highlighting their timeless appeal and forward-thinking adaptability.


Baggy jeans range in price from Rs 1500 to Rs 5000, making them not only fashionable but also reasonably priced. Because of this, they are affordable for a broad variety of consumers, enabling them to adopt this stylish trend without going over budget. There are baggy jeans to fit your needs and preferences, whether you’re prepared to spend a little more for greater quality or are searching for a more affordable choice.


Men’s Latest Styles of Baggy Jeans


  1. Traditional Cool Casual in Loose Jeans

Wear a denim jacket and a basic white t-shirt to embrace the classic style of black baggy pants for guys. This timeless combo is ideal for carefree weekends and casual get-togethers since it radiates effortless cool. Add boots or trainers to finish the ensemble for a dash of urban style.


  1. Baggy Jeans and Street Style Feels

Choose to wear distressed baggy jeans with a graphic print t-shirt and a bomber jacket to give your ensemble a street-savvy attitude. For a bit of attitude, throw on a beanie or a snapback cap. To complete the street style look, add high-top trainers.


  1. Athleisure Edge with loose-fitting, jogger-style jeans

Pair jogger-style baggy pants with a fitting sweatshirt or hoodie to combine the sporty look of athleisure with the ease of baggy jeans. Add a crossbody bag and stylish trainers to complete the look for a modern, carefree on-the-go outfit that combines comfort and flair.


  1. Inspired by Rock & Roll

Rock a look that channels your inner rock star by teaming a leather biker jacket, band t-shirt, and black baggy pants. To finish the edgy look, choose Chelsea or rough boots. For more flair, wear flashy rings or a belt with studs.


  1. Magic in Monochrome

Make a statement with a monochrome look that combines an oversized black jumper or sweatshirt with black baggy jeans. This strikingly simple style is ideal for people who value subtle beauty with a contemporary edge. Choose clunky boots or elegant trainers to go with the monochromatic look.


  1. Unabashedly bohemian in light-colored baggy jeans

Adopt a carefree bohemian look by teaming a boho-inspired tunic or a loose-fitting patterned blouse with light-wash baggy pants. For more texture, layer with a lightweight cardigan or denim shirt. Finish the look with sandals or suede loafers for a carefree yet fashionable look.


  1. Easygoing Chic in Dark Baggy Jeans

Using a tailored approach to baggy jeans fashion, you may achieve the ideal mix between casual and classy. Select loose-fitting, dark-wash jeans and wear them with a polo shirt or a sharp button-down shirt. For a more polished touch, pair with a structured jacket or blazer, and to enhance the entire ensemble, go with loafers or oxford shoes.


  1. Acid-washed baggy jeans with a vintage vibe

Wear an ensemble that channels the nostalgia of the 1990s, such as acid- or light-washed baggy trousers with a vintage band tee or retro graphic tee. For extra throwback flair, pair with a denim shirt or a flannel shirt wrapped around the waist. For a chic throwback, finish the ensemble with clunky boots or trainers.


In conclusion, there are countless ways to create unique and fashionable looks with baggy jeans for men in 2024. Baggy jeans offer a diverse base for defining your particular style, whether you want a street-inspired vibe, a traditional casual approach, or a mix of casual elegance. Try with various combinations, materials, and embellishments to find your go-to baggy jeans style that expresses your individuality and sense of style.





Q1: Are loose-fitting jeans OK for dressy events?

Answer: Since baggy jeans are usually more informal in style, they might not be appropriate for official settings. To obtain a semi-formal look, you might choose a deeper wash and wear them with a structured jacket or tailored blazer.

Q2: In milder weather, are baggy jeans still appropriate?

Yes, you can wear roomy jeans in warmer weather by selecting lighter materials and doing fewer washes. Wear them with airy tops like linen shirts or t-shirts for a laid-back yet fashionable summer ensemble.


Q3: How should my loose jeans be dressed for a night out?

Answer: You can wear fitted polo shirts or elegant button-down shirts with roomy jeans for a night out. Dressier footwear like Chelsea boots or loafers finish the ensemble. Make a statement with accessories like a watch or a distinctive belt.


Q4: Which body types look best with baggy jeans?

The answer is that baggy jeans can look good on a variety of body shapes, especially on people who choose a looser fit. To avoid an excessively loose look, people with narrower frames might wish to choose tapered or slim-fit baggy jeans.


  1. Is it possible to dress down baggy pants for a smart-casual ensemble?

Sure, you can dress up baggy jeans for a smart-casual style by wearing a neat shirt, a fitted jacket, and dress or loafers shoes. Elevate the entire look by adding chic accessories like a leather belt and a chic watch.