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Oxygen Therapy For Your Skin To Avoid Unwanted Skin Problems

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Oxygen Therapy For Your Skin To Avoid Unwanted Skin Problems

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We’re all aware of how important oxygen is to our life, but most of us are ignorant of how important it is to keeping our skin youthful.

Our skin’s “Lack of Oxygen” causes blemishes, dullness, acne, dark spots, uneven skin tone, and other issues. Therefore, it’s critical that we recognize the needs of our skin and take action to prevent unwelcome skin issues from happening again.

A daily glow is also dependent on oxygen, as you may have noticed.

The layers of our skin require oxygen and nourishment to be radiant, but they can’t because of obstructions brought on by dirt, cosmetics, and other damaging substances. Scents, allergens, chemicals, and oils in cosmetics exacerbate the problem for those with sensitive skin or a tendency toward breakouts by producing blotchiness or skin irritation, which in turn clogs pores and limits oxygen flow.

In order to remove any thick layers of makeup residue, wash your face twice a day with a cleanser and, if necessary, exfoliate thoroughly. The approaching party season makes it even more crucial to make sure your skin looks amazing in every photo you want to take!

Now, the question that needs to be answered is: How can we provide our skin with the essential oxygen it needs?

The answer lies with OxyLife! In just fifteen minutes, OxyLife bleach—also known as “Oxy Life Natural Radiance 5 Crème Bleach”—can make you look radiant thanks to its scientific formulation. Oxy Life, enriched with active oxygen and post-bleach skin radiance serum, addresses many skin issues such as sun tan, dull skin, uneven skin tone, black spots, and dead skin cells.

Natural Radiance by OxyLife To properly treat the skin, bleach is enhanced with active oxygen and vitamin E. Glycerin, which is present in it, helps to nourish, invigorate, and brighten the skin. It also includes a post-bleach serum that improves the effectiveness of the bleach crème and quickly imparts bright, glowing skin. Continue reading to learn how to use oxy bleach to acquire fair skin.

Product Declarations:

Your skin benefits with OxyLife Natural Radiance 5 Crème Bleach because it is exposed to the sun, dust, pollution, and stress. This face bleach affects the skin’s oxygen content and addresses five skin issues:

1. Sleek Skin
2. An uneven skin tone
3. Dead Skin Cells
4. Shadowy Areas
5. Sun Tan

It features the exclusive German technology known as Oxysphere, which allows pure oxygen molecules to enter the skin and provide a concentrated oxygen boost that leaves the skin looking beautiful and naturally glowing.


1. Removes uneven skin tone and dark spots
2. Brightens The Hair on the Face
3. Radiance Serum Promotes Glowing Skin
4. Assists In Reaching An Even Skin Tone
5. Gets rid of Suntan
6. Makes Dull Skin Brighter
7. Eliminates Dead Cells in Skin
8. Fit For Skin That Is Sensitive

Cost: At about Rs. 80/-, it is reasonably priced for three uses.

Essential Components:

1. Bleach Crème
2. Activator in Powder
3. Skin Radiance Serum After Bleaching
4. Oxygen & Extract Sphere

Description of the Product:

It is packaged in a stylish blue carton box. There are five products in the pack: 1. Bleach Crème
2. Powder Activator
3. Three Post-Bleach Serum Sachets
4. A spatula
5. Information Pamphlet

How to Apply:

It is advised that new users perform a skin patch test.

Step 1: Combine the activator powder and bleach in a 7:1 ratio.

Step 2: Examine the information booklet to find precise facts.
It suggests the duration of bleaching based on the kind and tone of the skin.
Darker Skin Tone: for up to ten minutes
Wheatish Skin Tone: 15 minutes or longer
More Even Skin Tone: For at least fifteen minutes
You can determine the precise time by drawing on your own experience.

Step 3: Apply one sachet of post-bleaching serum, which has a gel-like consistency, following the bleaching procedure.

Step 4: Wait five hours after using bleach before using soap or face cleansers.

Step 5: After bleaching, avoid the sun right away.

Note: Use once every two to three weeks.


I wholeheartedly endorse this product to all women. One of the suggested beauty suggestions for both skin and the face is this. After just 15 minutes of usage, the crème will assist to open congested pores and remove dead skin and tan.

Observe how your skin will glow after using it once every two to three weeks.
Widely advised by dermatologists and proven safe to use, this product lightens skin tone and creates the illusion of flawlessly pale skin.