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It’s the last time I’ll be editing my photos for the article today! I’m happy! Granted, I still need to edit around thirty more photos, but I suppose I’ll tackle that task tomorrow. Anyhow, a few weeks ago, I came onto a photo of a new China Glaze collection while perusing Pinterest. I was curious about this collection even though I had never heard anything about it. I looked everywhere for it to see if I could find it, and sure enough, I found it on eBay, so I bought it. I know it’s strange of me to desire this collection, but I love nude nail polishes, and this one has some really beautiful ones.

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One way to describe a Whole Latte Fun is as a soft caramel. This one feels more like a crelly than a traditional creme because it is a touch sheer. The formula is simple to work with, and the hue is very pleasant. My swatch required three coats.

One description of Bare Attack is smokey chestnut. Although it’s a pleasant shade and easy to use, this one isn’t my favourite. In my swatch, I used two coats.

It is said that Bourgeois Beige is like a chilly almond. Now, I really like this one. You do need to use caution because the solution is quite fluid and goes off the brush rapidly. Once you remove the excess from the brush, it is relatively easy to work with and apply. My sample has two coats visible.

It’s said that Don’t Make Me Blush has a lovely blush. This colour on my nails doesn’t appeal to me. Using the formula is simple. For my swatch, I used three coats, although you could get away with only two (though there is a very faint nail line visible).

It is said that Fresher Than My Clique is a light mushroom. This shade is fantastic, and the recipe works well. My sample has two coats visible.

Rich chocolate is Give Me S’More. Since I’m not the biggest fan of browns, I really don’t have much to say about this one. It’s just not my style, even if the shine and colour are both fine. On the other hand, I might use it for nail art. After two coats, the recipe is opaque and nice.

Rich mulberry is how one describes Head To Taupe. This one’s formula is fantastic. The shade is gorgeous and it’s very almost a one coater. In my swatch, I used two coats.

There’s a match is defined as a naked peach. Although it applies unevenly, this one is simple to use. I also like this shade very much. It has a rather new appearance. My sample has three coats visible.

It is said that Kill The Lights is a deep mauve colour. This shade is one that I really enjoy, and I think it would look fantastic matte. With two applications, the recipe is opaque and excellent.

One person describes minimalist Momma as a traditional sandy tan. Beautiful colour, although the first coat applies a touch unevenly and sheer. My swatch required three coats.

It is said that Note To Selfie is a dusty rose. Another lovely colour with an excellent consistency. My sample has two coats visible.

It is said that pixelated beige is hardly noticeable. This one also appeals to me. Both the colour and the formula are excellent. In my swatch, I used two coats.

Overall, I think this collection is great. Although swatching the polishes back-to-back was a little “boring” for me, twelve nudes is still a lot. Yes, I adore my colours! Head To Taupe, Bourgeois Beige, Fresher Than My Clique, Minimalist Momma, and Kill The Lights are some of my personal favourites. Many of these polishes would look fantastic matte, in my opinion!

Regarding the China Glaze Collection, what are your thoughts? Do you enjoy looking at a bunch of nude?