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We’re finally transitioning from a chilly, snowy winter to a sort of gloomy, rainy march, and even if it’s still a little chilly outside, we can’t wait to wear our new Spring/Summer clothes because our winter coats and jumpers are starting to look clunky. Hold on, the weather isn’t quite right for us to be running about in our summer dresses just yet. At least not without a really nice jacket.

One of my major weaknesses is jackets. I adore how a well-chosen jacket can bring an ensemble to life. However, the wrong person can easily wreck it as well. It’s almost April, and it’s been a particularly rainy Saturday. Like a recalcitrant child, I refuse to take off my bulky winter coat.

Here is my list of the five (about) coats that I believe every person should have for spring. While I don’t think you’ll need all of them, one or two should get you through the next few gloomy, rainy months.

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Traditional Leather Jacket

How come? A leather jacket should be owned by every girl. I choose the Forever 21 one above because it resembles mine quite a bit! One of the most adaptable coats you can get is a basic leather motorcycle jacket. Although you can get the ideal leather jacket anyplace, I’ve discovered that a cropped one is much easier to wear, especially if you want to pair it with dresses and skirts that have high waists.

Keep an eye out for details including zips and studs that give a distinct edge.

Cost? A real leather jacket will naturally cost considerably more than its imitation because real leather is of course far higher quality, softer, and more durable. For an investment, go big, but don’t ignore the high street equivalent. I got mine from H&M, but there are some lovely ones at Primark too.

Why? Any ensemble gains an immediate bad-girl edge with a leather jacket. Try applying a generous amount of black eyeliner or a dab of crimson lipstick.

Dip Clothes

How come? Although I particularly adore this vivid, striking blue trench, a trench coat need to be something you can be sure will work with your entire wardrobe. Classic neutral colours like black, navy, and beige will always look wonderful and appealing, but if you want to stand out from the crowd, bright colours like pink, blue, and green will look fantastic!

Take length and fit into consideration. One of the most attractive jackets you can get is a trench coat, so be sure it fits perfectly. Another vital factor is length; will you be wearing it over dresses? If so, go for a longer one; if you want to wear it with jeans or a skirt, think about getting a pretty little one.

Cost? Be prepared to spend what you would typically spend on a high-quality coat. While quality is vital, your winter coat—which needs to be incredibly durable—may be more important. Mine cost £80 from TopShop last year and is a stunning navy that goes well with colourful summer dresses, but it also looks amazing with black. For decent quality, I would estimate prices to start at £30, however you can definitely find them for less on the high street.

Why? Because a trench coat strikes the ideal mix between cool and seductive. In the end, it’s very simple. In case you require additional convincing, have a look at Burberry’s Art of the Trench advertisement!

Chic Blazer

How come? The past few seasons have seen blazers everywhere! They can be boyfriend, shrunken, fitted, or any other shape! The colour options are also unlimited, with grey, black, navy, and brights among them. Mine are usually the adorable fitted kind because, let’s face it, I’ve never been the correct shape or size to pull off the oversized-blazer look. Actually, every one of mine has been a borrowed suit jacket from my mother!

Consider fit, colour, shape, and size. In one way or another, blazers are always in, although there are many styles. Pick the one that most fits your needs. While black is a timeless colour, grey is always incredibly stylish. For Spring/Summer 2010, floral blazers are a beautiful trend. Bright colours and patterns are great.

Cost: Blazers are currently highly popular, but the quality of the fit and tailoring will inevitably increase with price. If you want a better fit, you might want to think about having one changed. For a perfect boyfriend fit, check out the men’s or workwear departments.

Why? The sophisticated secretary aesthetic is always in vogue.

Chic Denim

How come? I never thought I’d find myself wanting a denim jacket again, yet here I am, as I indicated in my previous post! Jeans jackets exude casual style and effortless coolness. They come in a variety of styles, colours, and forms and look amazing with a springtime floral dress.

Consider carefully where you wear it. Avoid wearing denim jackets to too-formal events as they instantly give off the “dressed down chic” vibe. Again, there are a tonne of styles available with leather, so pay close attention to the little things. The fit is less crucial because they should look tossed on.

Cost? For authentic vintage denim, check out thrift stores, vintage clothing boutiques, and your mother’s or aunt’s closet. Since denim jackets are so popular right now, you should be able to find a great deal!

Why? for the height of casual elegance.

Adorable Military Girl

How come? There is no stopping the militaristic tendency. A wonderful military jacket is sophisticated and stylish, so it will always stand out and look fantastic.

Look closely at the gorgeous buttons, details, and colour! The obvious colours are black, navy, or khaki, but how about a crimson that would make Cheryl look like?

Cost? Personally, I bought mine for £22 at Primark, and I also have a military-style cardigan from H&M that was a great deal at just £18! Boohoo also has an amazing range of items under £30. Even if this trend is fantastic, it will come and go, so don’t spend too much on it because you might still wear it next summer.

Why? Who wouldn’t desire something that elevates them to Cheryl’s level of style?

How do you feel? Which coats are your favourites for the upcoming gloomy months? I had a hard time choosing just five; throughout the past few months, fur coats and gilets, capes, and waistcoats have been seen everywhere.